A brief history

It was back in 2008, when our first preforms of Lakan Plastic Industries made its way to the market. Using a quarter century of knowledge and experience of Lakan plastic, we aimed to step into the new age of production. There have been many ups and downs, development and growing, during which we have made a valuable treasure of loyal customers who have been with us since. We consider the loyalty of our customers, who happen to be the forerunners of the food and cosmetic industry, as a great indicator of a satisfactory performance. At Lakan plastic, we believe that our success lies in the satisfaction, progress and thriving of customers. We would like to take this opportunity and the great pleasure of inviting you to join us.

Development on a Daily Basis

Range of products

Our products have identity

Quality control system at Lakan plastic keeps a tight supervision over its products, batch by batch and all the way from the time the raw material arrives at the factory and through the production line. During the whole process of production and at specific time intervals for any specific batch and lot number, effective data such as production line parameters, environmental conditions, etc are registered and quarantine with related samples for 45 days, to be traced in case of any problems occurring with the outgoing products. The strict quality control system, based on TQM approach which is fully traceable, has made Lakan plastic industries an idealist corporate in quality assurance. Our products are responsible since they have identity.


Fast and accurate delivery

Quality Standards

Reaching over the borders

Respecting and implementing international standards has allowed us to export our products to other countries and as a result we have became a well-known exporter of preforms on the other side of the borders as well.

Our aim is to exceed global standards

Switzerland is famous for the quality of its products and machinery; therefore it made sense to turn to Swiss technology to produce the best products. The machinery used in our factory are built by the NESTAL Swiss company. The machineries, in a complete robotic process and with no human handling, turn PET resin into a high quality preforms and make it ready to exit. Drawings of the preforms are designed according the technical standards of highest technology available and also with reliance on the knowledge of the research and development department of Lakan plastic. And according to all these considerations, thankfully, there have been no reports of unsuitability of preforms to the bottles thus far. We also offer various and creative options of packaging, designed to sustain quality and easy handling.

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Development on a daily basis

Even though with the annual capacity of 20,000 tons of preform production, we are considered to be one of leading players in this field, we yet seek perpetual growth to keep up with the fast emerging technology of advanced packaging to meet the growing market. At Lakan plastic we always have something new up our sleeves !

High Quality products with
Netstal technology

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